Sex dolls will now control men's sex lives

We've all seen the show on TV where Etienne and his plastic wife Erena were on TV. Etienne is not crazy, he's a computer and fiction geek, and after spending years with a wife and daughter he's proud of, he doesn't hesitate to show off with a doll.

The dolls have really bewitched the world of sex

We can say that he lives his fantasies, in any case, he loves his life. It is sure that somewhere, other men have the same passions as Etienne, but for fear of prejudices of the society, they do not dare to show themselves. For a long time, men have had this passion to masturbate while watching a pornographic movie, or looking at a picture of a beautiful naked woman, or following a camgirl show, and even hearing the voice of a dominant woman on the phone, men drop their pants. It's already a life for men, so with a sex doll by his side, it will be even cooler. And they don't hesitate to forget their girlfriends, or divorce their wives when things get complicated.

The doll has changed the lives of some people

Men are not the kind of people who rack their brains to find a solution, either it works or it goes wrong, and the best thing is to dodge everything that can create problems. And 80% of men are driven by his penis, not by reason, just by a booty call, party, and frankly, the big booty sex doll is the perfect creature to really put up with men's crazy. But this doll has also become a kind of comfort for men who are disappointed in their love relationship. And it's true that all women can have that reaction of Stephen's wife when she met Erena, that she's a real bitch. Given the way men coddle their dolls because they cost a fortune, women would like to be treated as such.

But then again, somewhere in there, men have never seen the hardship of women wanting to stay beautiful for men, than by having a sex doll that needs attention., last news update.