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7 Avril 2020 à 08h15 - 2120 v.

Luscious brunette with a generous breast

A luscious brunette with pretty breasts, a beautiful fleshy pussy and a fleshy body is what most men dream of. This is the case of Mylene Johnson, a 21 year old French porn actress, but who is already talked about because of her physical assets even if she is considered a beginner in her environment. She is known for her large breasts and shaved pussy, not to mention her perverse sexual practices, including swallowing sperm from her partners in her videos. Who is Mylene Johnson? This 21-year-old French actress X and an expert in several sexual practices even if it has been just 2 years since she became pro doing femjoy. She gets fucked by all her partners in her videos while having fun, and sometimes she wants more by asking for two cocks in her holes. Usually, she plays the beginner, but basically, fans and Internet users will understand that she has enough experience and especially know-how before going into porn. Indeed, mylene johnson accepts all practices, even the most perverse, while in most of her videos, she is more or less clumsy and that is what makes her charming. Added to this is her well-stocked body, including her unanimous breasts, her big buttocks and her pussy just waiting to be fucked. On the practical side, she loves facial, vaginal and anal ejaculation, but also sodomy, double penetration and group shots. This beautiful brunette has all the assets that guys are looking for in terms of sex. Not only does she have a perfect and fleshy body, but also significant experiences, and it is in this way that she seduces her partners in matters of sex. In short, with it, excitement and fun are always guaranteed!

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