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1 Décembre 2016 à 01h23 - 4585 v.

Let me suck my toes with sperm

In her blog Claudia describes the best sexual practices that she and all sex lovers like to do most. The foot job with feet wrapped in pantyhose is his favorite. Likewise, she admires when she happens to enjoy a male only with the feet. She tells about the hottest situations in addition to the favorite finishes of the big hotties.

When a dick requires a little care

A chick is particularly careful when she is at the stake with a guy. But she especially likes to use her beautiful feet to give intense pleasure to her partners. One winter evening, she is in the midst of frolicking with a guy in her living room. She was wearing nothing but a pair of super sexy black nylons like a real slut. As the guy finished shaking her, the couple gets on the big sofa and the guy begins to caress these pretty limbs then slips them gently in his frock to touch his tail is on the edge of the explosion. With both feet, the bitch pats gently and then presses hard the knot head for a super electric feel throughout the body of the guy.

A very tasty sauce

While she's concentrating in the pantyhose feet, the guy is already squirting all over the bottom of the pretty bomb. Seeing this white liquid all viscous, she begs the guy to let her taste. So she sits comfortably with her feet crossed and then she gently licks her toes over the pantyhose by wiping out of her tongue all the sperm that drips on her foot. She is just a big amateur of cum abundant on the feet and loves to finish by a good licking of the feet.

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